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Introducing Lindon Day’s Grand Martial!

grandmarshal2012 Introducing Lindon Days Grand Martial!Ted was raised in Roosevelt, Utah, where he “grew up on a horse.” He learned to work hard on their family ranch while growing up. He moved to Orem in 1961.

Erlene came from Granger, Utah in Salt Lake County. Her family moved to Orem in 1959 and while a teenager, she worked in their family business. She worked as a receptionist, and learned office skills that have assisted her throughout her life.

They met in Jr. High and became High School sweethearts. They were married in 1964 and have 4 children: Shawna Powell, Lindon; Monnica Skinner, Orem; Neal Lott, Lindon; and Nick Lott, Orem. They are currently raising two granddaughters. They have 14 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren.

“People who live in Lindon are here because they want to be… we all have the same desires.. to live where there are fields and pastures, animal rights, and a hometown feel,” they said. They are pleased to live in a town where there’s still a “Little Bit of Country” and will do all they can to keep it that way.

They’re proud of this country and want to personally thank all who have served in any branch of the military.

They are owners of Lott’s Originals which is a trophy and engraving business that has been in business for the past 23 years.

Ted and Erlene are currently serving at the Lindon Home Storage Center (dry pack cannery). “We are able to serve the Lord and the people that come into the storage center, be near our families, and sleep in our own bed every night. What more could a person ask for?” they said.

Both have expressed their appreciation to everyone for giving them the opportunity to be Lindon City’s Grand Marshals this year. “We feel very honored to be asked to do this… thank you.”

Message From The Mayor!

LindonMayor Message From The Mayor!

Lindon Mayor Jim Dain

Welcome to Lindon Days 2012 “Where community begins”

The time for our annual Lindon Days celebration is upon us. Our fair chairmen and their volunteers have worked hard to bring you another year of fun and excitement as we celebrate our community.

We are lucky to be part of such a great community, full of remarkable people. Our community begins in the hearts and souls of the people who live here. Everywhere I go I have people tell me what a great community I live in and represent. We have a community that takes care of one another and a community that identifies as part of something more. We care about our friends and neighbors, and feel that common value of caring.

We have many volunteers who reach out on topics of interest to the community and give their time and effort to move our community in a positive direction. We have dedicated city employees who care about who you are and what your needs are as a member of this community. It is great to be a part of something so good.

As you attend the various activities that have been planned for your enjoyment, have fun. Get to know some new people in the community and reach out with a smile and a friendly hello.

Thanks to all who have worked so hard to create another community celebration for each of us to enjoy.Thanks to you for the opportunity to represent this fine city. I am proud to represent you and honored with the trust I have been given. Proudly representing the finest city in America.

Your mayor,

Jim Dain